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Started as a team initiative, #ResilienceinFIRST is about highlighting FIRST programs becoming a beacon of hope and consistency in the face of constant obstacles. After a time of major global uncertainty, FIRST became a tool to aid leaders and innovators who value collaboration to rise and tackle problems by finding solutions. Through #ResilienceinFIRST, Torbotics 2080 continually assists students in developing problem solving and collaborative skills by facilitating STEM activities and encouraging students to participate. 

In the most recent year, 2080’s biggest inhibitor was Hurricane Ida. Our school was considerably damaged by floodwater and we lost over a month’s worth of off-season meetings and our roof. However, in the face of a challenge this size, we were determined to come out better than before. Resilience in FIRST means preserving through challenges, even when they seem impossible to overcome.

The optimism involved in Resilience in FIRST is nothing short of inspiring to the community around us. STEM allows 2080 to find the sun in the rain. Every year, we make “Murphy’s Law” shirts, highlighting all of the rain that has befell us over the past season. By making light of the dark, Torbotics is able to be a source of hope for those around us and inspire others to adopt the spirit of #ResilienceinFIRST. 

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