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Family Portal

With the fast pace of our build and competition season and busy off-season schedule each year, it can be common for team members to forget to share all the team's updates. Our Family Portal is a new development to try to fill this information gap, while also giving parents a place to ask questions.


How does our team work?

Each year our team leadership takes the opportunity to reflect on the previous season and adjust guidelines and policies, as needed, so that we can continue to grow and work to maximize everyone's potential. We ask that families review the Team Handbook with students each year for reminders and updates.

FRC STEM Fest 5.jpg

What does #PutSTEMFIRST mean?

At our core, Torbotics is devoted to sharing our experiences; infusing our passion for robotics and STEM to inspire others. We strive to be a driving force for meaningful STEM experiences and robotics throughout our parish. As the only FRC team in our parish, we believe it is our responsibility to create possibilities for under served communities, construct new programs and challenge the perceptions of STEM in our region.

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Catalyst of Opportunities

Our Lead Mentors are committed to helping team members make the most of the opportunities and experiences afforded to them based on their areas of interest and commitment. We are always open to input. For family members interested in volunteering, there are a multitude of options depending on interest (ex: helping with meals and snacks during build season, helping with the organization of big events). For more information...

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