Meet Morpheus

Morpheus is our 2019 Destination Deep Space Season robot. We started with a six wheel chassis which provided our auxiliary system with a stable and sturdy base. Its scoring system is based around an elevator system which is run with a cim motor powered chain system. Connected to this elevator system is a four-bar, which lifts the cargo and hatch intake as high as the 3rd level rocket intake. During the off-season, we outfitted Morpheus to utilize a reverse elevator at the back to lift us to Hab level 3 while two pnuematic cylinders simultaneously lift our bot from the front.  During the competition season, Morpheus was able to consistently achieve Hab level 2 utilizing a "wheely bar" at the back and pneumatic cylinders in the front.  During our first competition, our front lift system was powered by jack screws.


We are able to score in all three levels of the rocket and cargo ship as well as climb to Hab level three. 

Weight: 115 pounds

Dimensions:  31.5" x 28" x 45"


Our strategy to create Morpheus started with assessing each portion of the game, and deciding which part we wanted to focus on first. After this initial assessment, we decided that the rocket would be our main focus. Six weeks later, we have a versatile robot, that can consistently score cargo in both scoring zones - rocket and cargo ship. During matches our plan is to fill up the cargo ship 1st with cargo & then the rocket depending on our alliance needs. If needed, our robot can also put hatch panels on the rocket, as well as the cargo ship. For End Game, Morpheus will lift itself and park on Hab level 3.

This Season

 This season our robot consistently under went change as we grew in our engineering knowledge from one competition to the next. From our initial climbing mechanism breaking horribly at our first competition creating a need for continued iterations to deciding to change what powered our drive system for Worlds to save on weight and improve maneuverability, trust in the engineering design process was paramount. We even changed our game strategy during our first competition, leading us to discover that our bot was also really good at defense. Throughout this season we learned about the power of acknowledging and trusting in strengths and limitations and how to apply this to make our bot and team even better. During the 2019 competition season, we achieved a winning alliance blue banner at Rock City Regional, countless valuable experiences, and an amazingly strong team.


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