2022 Robot 


2020 Robot


Meet Eugene

 Eugene is our 2020 Infinite Recharge Season robot. We started with a custom 4 wheel Mecanum chassis which provided our auxiliary system with a stable and sturdy base. Its scoring system is based around an "L" shaped power cell transport, the belt for this transport is powered by a 64:1 red line motor and chain system. We have an intake bar at the front of our robot that allows us to quickly pick up power cells from any direction. Connected to our transport system is our shooter and shooter turret. Our turret which is controlled by a LimeLight camera and powered by a NeveRest motor.We latch onto to generator switch with two custom made diamond plate hooks. We then utilize an 80/20 cascading rail system to hoist our robot up using a CIM motor with a 100:1 gearbox. 


We are able to score in the larger and smaller ports of the power port. as well as latch and hang in end game. 

Weight: 122.8 pounds

Dimensions:  30" x 30" x 45"


Our strategy to create Eugene started with assessing each portion of the game, and deciding which part we wanted to focus on first. After this initial assessment, we decided that hanging and balancing on the generator switch. Six weeks later, we have a versatile robot, that can consistently score power cells into the higher power ports as well as hang and balance. During matches our plan is to cycle through as many power cells as possible with a focus on the back port. We can shoot the power cells accurately from the initiation line and the trench- both in front of and behind the color wheel. Our end game plan is to hang and balance on the generator switch. 


This Season

 This season our robot consistently underwent change as we grew in our engineering knowledge. From the consistent iterations of our shooter angle and speed to the continued development of our drive train and chassis, trust in the engineering design process was paramount. Throughout this season we learned about the power of acknowledging and trusting in strengths and limitations and how to apply this to make our robot and team even better. During the 2020 Infinite Recharge season, we learned so many invaluable lessons that not only shaped our robot but our team as well.