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In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to host our annual in-person summer camps in our build space at HHMS. This would have been our fourth summer to serve as one of NASA's ASTRO CAMP Community Partners.  We definitely look forward to these events, especially knowing that many of us were introduced to Torbotics and engineering through attending these annual community camps.


Seeing this as an opportunity to "change our game," we decided instead to develop 3 virtual ASTRO CAMP platforms.  With over 50 students participating each week of camp, families were sent links to each week's unique virtual platform and had the opportunity to participate in up to 3 Zoom calls per week to interact with team members.  We learned a lot from this experience. We had the opportunity to take a deeper dive into NASA science and learned some new presentation and design skills along the way.  We were proud to have our camps featured in NASA's first ACCP Tag-Up Meeting on July 2, where we had the chance to share lessons learned with community partners across the United States.  We were also recently honored to learn that our school district has chosen to highlight some of our activities as extensions to virtual learning platforms being developed for students K-8 throughout our parish.  

Below we have links to each of our Virtual ASTRO CAMP platforms.  Each week includes up to 15 different activities, instructional videos, virtual tours of different NASA facilities and fun trivia in the life of an astronaut.  We have also included some pictures shared with us from campers throughout the summer and our Zoom calls. 

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