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Team 2080

Since its establishment in 2006, a cornerstone of the Torbotics experience has been to strengthen community awareness and interest in STEM through providing creative and innovative outreach programs for all youth expanding on our region's images of STEM, of women and minorities in engineering, and the importance of connecting and giving back to the community.

We strive to be a driving force for STEM and robotics throughout Tangipahoa parish, which is 50% rural, with 22% of all youth pursuing careers in STEM fields. In contrast, Torbotics has a 100% graduation rate with 94% moving on to STEM-related-fields. Our four-year engineering program at Hammond High Magnet School represents 71% of the cities within our school district. As youth represented in our FIRST Lego League Challenge (4th-8th grade) and FIRST Lego League Explore (K-4th grade) outreach teams mature and move on to high school, over 80% come to HHMS to become a part of Torbotics and our engineering program. We strive to spark, spread and sustain STEM and the FIRST Core Values in our community and beyond.

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What an impact!

Every season, our students come together under one common goal: best represent a model for other teams to emulate and embody the mission of FIRST.  Utilizing FIRST core values, we market Torbotics 2080 to others at home and at competitions. In order to compete. we must create an essay, a entrepreneurship submission, a video, and a presentation. The most prestigious award one can receive at competition, IMPACT has the potential to bring the entire team to World competition!

In the past, 2080 has won IMPACT (formally known as the Chairman's Award) seven times, with the most recent being in 2023 at the Central Illinois Regional in Peoria, Illinois.

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2023 FLL MASTERPIECE Regional Qualifier Competitions


2023 FTC



2023 Hammond Christmas Parade

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